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This is a self-managed instance of GitLab.

To Sign in, you must either
1. Be connected to the JLR VPN through Pulse Secure (Please note that most machines will now have Zscaler installed which shouldn't require a VPN connection to log in via SSO anymore), or
2. Enter your personal RSA SecureID Token (unique per user & newly generated every 60s)

For access to repositories please contact the owners. Digital do not grant access to repositories or groups

Internal/Partner users sign in with JLR SSO Login. External users should sign in with username and password.

Help Links
Need Gitlab Account: JSM Portal
Need Artifactory Account: JSM Portal
Need information on CI/CD Patterns: CI/CD
Need an answer: FAQ
Digital Release Notes: Releases
Policies: Policy

This server is operated by Jaguar Land Rover Limited. All connections are monitored and recorded. Disconnect IMMEDIATELY if your use of this system has not been approved by the above party.
JLR GitLab Sign In

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